Real life projects

I have been commissioned many times for local installations, here, I will document some of my favourites


Council commissioned lightbox art

When I was 15, my first large commission was three light box artworks were commissioned and used outside of a Library wall. My work was the first to be displayed in the  “Open galleries” program when it was first constructed.

These were light boxes! While I have improved; I still look back on this time fondly. I even fondly remember when my laptop couldn't take the sheer size and resolution of these images. I had to move over to my parents old desktop to do the work there, plugged in my old, discontinued wacom intuos, reinstalled the drivers and my art program of choice and continued- and even still, there were crashes, there were tears, but I managed to finish them still. And i'm proud of that. The council loved them so much, they kept them up for years.


To this day, my Mother still raves about how amazing she thinks these are. Naturally receiving a bashful "they're so old" from me. And so, as a housewarming gift, they now hang on the walls of her new home.


Council commissioned NBN box art

In 2017, I was commissioned by my local city council to design, collate and create an artwork for an NBN Box to discourage vandalism. This was then put on a vinyl and transferred to an NBN box.


I remember that when I want in for a meeting to discuss concepts, I bought along a small portfolio with some of my favourite artworks at the time, as well as a couple concepts I had created specifically for the NBN box. The council immediately wanted me to mash two of my older artworks together as they had a lot of organised chaos  that would be perfect for an NBN box. Both these works were inspired by a popular indie game I enjoyed at the time, Undertale! One was a fan character I had made for the game, and one was my take on the protagonist (since the game was in a very simple, 8-bit style, some of the characters didn't really have many distinguishable features)  Still, to avoid chances of copyright issues, I ended up changing the one distinguished feature of the character - the striped shirt.

 This did involve redrawing and cleaning up the works so the line weight and style mashed better.  After weeks, I finally finished the artwork and got a mock-up of the final, tweaked some details to account for the grills on the NBN box, and BOOM!


It's still there today! see if you can spot my signature hidden in there!


Youth group representation!

In 2018, I created a tape-art mural in my own time that later caused me to be hired by the local youth to create a design that represented the hive! And who better to commission then the local young artist. This was a fun collaboration, I remember everyone writing aspects of "The Hive" that they liked and finding ways to include what I could. I also included my own ideas, naturally! such as the honeycomb, and the cogs to represent thought, the creative mind of youth! I actually also changed this characters skin last minute so I could include the idea of acceptance and diversity!

Of course, I also allowed them to display my tape art inside the building, since they liked it! Fun fact, It was inspired by the butterfly effect, but I had mistaken the phrasing and thought it was a tsunami rather then a hurricane! Well, It's the same effect... Plus, the chaos of a tsunami was easier to illustrate with tape.


I haven't visited the youth group in awhile, but I do smile driving past and seeing it!