Scroll down for base prices

I, the artist;

✩Reserve rights to reject commissions

✩Will ask for payment up front before I start working on the commission

✩Will accept no refunds after initial sketches are accepted by you


You, the commissioner;

✩May upload the commissioned artwork on any website and social channels with clear watermark or credit.

✩May NOT alter the commissioned artwork without my consent.

✩May NOT use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes, unless discussed with me before the payment.

✩May NOT be pushy or drop sudden deadlines


Price variations;

✩Complexity increases the price. Complexity can be a matter of detailing, perspective or poses.

✩Nudity increases the price from 20% to a 50% if it's explicit genitalia.

Weapons increase the price around a 20-50%.

✩A character without a previous clear design will add 30-50% to the original price.

✩additional characters are 80% of the base price

✩Will accept that there will be no major pose changes after the pose sketch, major detail changes after the final sketch, and major colour changes after the flats are accepted by you, the commissioner.

What I WONT draw;

*included but not limited to*


Complex mecha/robot designs

Animals or feral designs (unless simplified) 


Zoophilia, Non-con, Pedohpilia, Incest, Hateful art, Extreme gore, Etc.

Moving forward, if I have slots open, fill in the following;

✩What level of refine: (Sketch, Lineart, Colored, Cell or soft shaded)

✩Range (headshot, waist up or full body)

✩How many figures in the picture

✩Description of what you would like/ the personality of the figure(s) included

✩pictures of the figures in the art

✩Your Paypal email address for the invoice


Contact me through the form on this website, through my Twitter, or my Email (Randoxide@gmail.com)


Halfbody= 600


BASE Regular art prices!

Bust up:
Cell shade style: 50
paint style: 80

Half body: 
Cell shade style: 100
paint style: 130

Full body: 
Cell shade style: 200

Paint style: 250


!Rig art prices are more expensive because cutting things properly takes much more time and effort!